Applied MANOVA and Discriminant Analysis - Carl J. Huberty [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Applied MANOVA and Discriminant Analysis - Carl J. Huberty [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139780471468158
Höhe24.2 cm
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
InhaltsverzeichnisList of Figures. List of Tables. Preface to Second Edition. Acknowledgments. Preface to First Edition. Notation. I INTRODUCTION. 1 Discriminant Analysis in Research. 2 Preliminaries. II ONE-FACTOR MANOVA/DDA. 3 Group Separation. 4 Assessing MANOVA Effects. 5 Describing MANOVA Effects. 6 Deleting and Ordering Variables. 7 Reporting DDA Results. III FACTORIAL MANOVA, MANCOVA, AND REPEATED MEASURES. 8 Factorial MANOVA. 9 Analysis of Covariance. 10 Repeated-Measures Analysis. 11 Mixed-Model Analysis. IV GROUP MEMBERSHIP PREDICTION. 12 Classification Basics. 13 Multivariate Normal Rules. 14 Classification Results. 15 Hit Rate Estimation. 16 Effectiveness of Classification Rules. 17 Deleting and Ordering Predictors. 18 Two-Group Classification. 19 Nonnormal Rules. 20 Reporting PDA Results. Further Reading. Exercises. 21 PDA-Related Analyses. V ISSUES AND PROBLEMS. 22 Issues in PDA and DDA. 23 Problems in PDA and DDA. Appendix A: Data Set Descriptions. Appendix B: Some DA-Related Originators. Appendix C: List of Computer Syntax. Appendix D: Contents ofWileyWebsite. References. Answers to Exercises. Index.
HauptbeschreibungA complete introduction to discriminant analysis--extensively revised, expanded, and updated This Second Edition of the classic book, Applied Discriminant Analysis, reflects and references current usage with its new title, Applied MANOVA and Discriminant Analysis. Thoroughly updated and revised, this book continues to be essential for any researcher or student needing to learn to speak, read, and write about discriminant analysis as well as develop a philosophy of empirical research and data analysis. Its thorough introduction to the application of discriminant analysis is unparalleled. Offering the most up-to-date computer applications, references, terms, and real-life research examples, the Second Edition also includes new discussions of MANOVA, descriptive discriminant analysis, and predictive discriminant analysis. Newer SAS macros are included, and graphical software with data sets and programs are provided on the book's related Web site. The book features: * Detailed discussions of multivariate analysis of variance and covariance * An increased number of chapter exercises along with selected answers * Analyses of data obtained via a repeated measures design * A new chapter on analyses related to predictive discriminant analysis * Basic SPSS(r) and SAS(r) computer syntax and output integrated throughout the book Applied MANOVA and Discriminant Analysis enables the reader to become aware of various types of research questions using MANOVA and discriminant analysis; to learn the meaning of this field's concepts and terms; and to be able to design a study that uses discriminant analysis through topics such as one-factor MANOVA/DDA, assessing and describing MANOVA effects, and deleting and ordering variables.
Breite15.9 cm
AutorCarl J. Huberty
Erscheinungsdatum 2006

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