The Truth Exposed. Volume I - Derek Barclay [Taschenbuch]

The Truth Exposed. Volume I - Derek Barclay [Taschenbuch]

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EAN / ISBN-139783959634137
Höhe13.5 cm
AutorDerek Barclay
HerausgeberEbozon Verlag
Erscheinungsdatum 2017
HauptbeschreibungTHE TRUTH EXPOSED includes the most common conspiracy theories and theorists in 2 volumes. This 2 volumes contain a summary and an analysis of the topics as the author sees them, as well as a listing of the leading and best known conspiracy theorists in this sector, including a value scale of 1-5, which once again objectively valuates the content of these theorists and their subjects by 3 independent sources. As a special highlight in this final volume, the author has discussed many of his themes and conspiracies in many sessions with a well known and established fortune teller and asked her precise questions about a wide variety of topics and events. These questions and answers are published in volume II without any censorship. The author has reconciled these responses with his analysis, and has thus been able to present to the reader a final conclusion on most of the topics addressed in his volumes, which will surely contribute in your view on the world with different eyes. After studying all the 2 volumes, you could easily recognize that many things in history have not been as they have been taught to us for decades, the events in politics, religion, history, medicine and the economy are more different than you ever have dreamed of and you could recognize that the goals of different persons and groupings partly have nothing to do with the way they are presented to you in public. In addition, in this volume, you will be given the opportunity to arrange a personal Skype conference with the author Derek Barclay or to contact him by e-mail with your questions. The studied expert on conspiracy theories has the necessary background knowledge for a credible and authentic portrayal of intrigues and conspiracies and is glad to help each reader with his own truth-findings. This work is even titled by some experts as »The Ultimate Bible of the Conspiracy theories« and certainly serves many experts as a reference book, since it is the only work that covers all the theses, themes, conspiracies, theorists, researchers, and whistleblowers in one book.
Breite21.5 cm

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