• Alzheimer Talk, Text and Context. Enhancing Communication [Gebundene Ausgabe]
  • Alzheimer Talk, Text and Context. Enhancing Communication [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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    EAN / ISBN-139781403935328
    Höhe21.6 cm
    Produktformgebundene Ausgabe
    HerausgeberPalgrave Macmillan UK
    Erscheinungsdatum 2005
    InhaltsverzeichnisAcknowledgments Notes on the Contributors Introduction: Some Commonalities PART I: TALK AND TEXT There Was an Old Woman: Maintenance of Identity by People with Alzheimer's Dementia; D.Shenk Evidencing Kitwood's Personhood Strategies: Conversation as Care in Dementia; E.B.Ryan, K.Byrne, H.Spykerman, J.B.Orange Speak To Me, Listen To Me: Ethnic and Gender Variations in Talk and Potential Consequences in Interactions For People With Alzheimer's Disease; C.Pope, D.N.Ripich Talking in The Here And Now: Reference and Politeness in Alzheimer Conversation; B.H.Davis, C.Bernstein Carousel Conversation: Aspects of Family Roles and Topic Shift in Alzheimer's Talk; J.P.Brewer Alzheimer's Speakers and Two Languages; G.M.J.Nold So, You Had Two Sisters, Right? Functions For Discourse Markers in Alzheimer's Talk; B.H.Davis Bad Times and Good Times: Lexical Variation over Time in Robbie Walters' Speech; M.MacLagan, P.Mason PART II: TEXT AND CONTEXT Communication Enhancement with Family Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease; K.Byrne, J.B.Orange Writers with Dementia: The Interplay among Reading, Writing, and Personhood; E.B.Ryan, H.Spykerman, A.P.Anas Simulating Alzheimer's Discourse For Caregiver Training in Artificial Intelligence-based Dialogue Systems; N.Green Understanding Text About Alzheimer's Talk; L.Russell-Pinson, L.Moore Epilogue: The Prism, The Soliloquy, The Couch and The Dance - The Evolving Study of Language and Alzheimer's Disease; H.E.Hamilton Index
    HauptbeschreibungThe contributors to this volume reference a shared, longitudinal corpus of spontaneous conversation elicited in natural settings from speakers with moderate to late moderate Alzheimer's Disease, utilizing other collections as appropriate, to analyze conversation, discourse and written text by and about Alzheimer's speech. Cross-disciplinary contributions from the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Germany, representing linguistics, gerontology, geriatric nursing, computer science, and communications disorders report on empirically-based investigations of social and pragmatic language competencies and strategies retained by AD patients which could ground communication enhancements or interventions.
    Breite14 cm

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