Negotiating Success. Tips and Tools for Building Rapport and Dissolving Conflict While Still Getting What You Want - Jim Hornickel  [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Negotiating Success. Tips and Tools for Building Rapport and Dissolving Conflict While Still Getting What You Want - Jim Hornickel [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139781118688717
Höhe23.6 cm
AutorJim Hornickel
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum 2014
InhaltsverzeichnisIntroduction xi I THE PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS 1 1 Valuing Mutuality, Proactivity, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 3 Mutuality 3 Proactivity 6 R.E.S.P.E.C.T 7 Mutuality, Proactivity, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Summary 19 2 Reviewing Human Fundamentals 23 False Self and True Self 26 Centricities 31 Reviewing Human Fundamentals Summary 33 3 Expanding Emotional Intelligence 35 Self-Awareness 37 Self-Management 44 Social Awareness 46 Managing Relationships 50 Expanding Emotional Intelligence Summary 51 Case Study 52 4 Working with Negotiating Styles 54 Doer--Task-Oriented 61 Thinker--Task-Oriented 63 Talker--People-Oriented 65 Guardian--People-Oriented 67 Working with Negotiating Styles Summary 69 Unfolding Case Study 69 5 Integrating Six Principles of Ethical Influence 72 The Principle of Reciprocity 73 The Principle of Liking 77 The Principle of Social Proof 80 The Principle of Authority 81 The Principle of Consistency 84 The Principle of Scarcity 86 Integrating the Six Principles of Influence Summary 88 6 Dissolving Conflict 90 Code of Conduct 91 Conflict Escalation 95 Conflict De-Escalation 95 Dissolving Conflict Summary 96 7 Presenting Your Case 98 Why People Buy 99 Image, Productivity, and/or Profitability 100 Numb--Pain--Ready to Act 102 Reception Challenges 104 Doer as Presenter 106 Thinker as Presenter 109 Talker as Presenter 112 Guardian as Presenter 114 Summary of Behavior Styles as Presenters 116 Setting Direction--4 A's 117 Summary of Behavioral Styles 4 A's Satisfaction Points 123 Using Your Voice--The 6 P's 123 Competence and Confidence 130 Composed Beginning 130 Strong Stride 130 Leader's Stance 131 Breathe 132 Eye Connection 132 Expressive Face 133 Body Language and Gestures 134 Presenting Your Case Summary 135 II THE NEGOTIATING PROCESS 137 8 Understanding Negotiation Fundamentals 139 Negotiation Fundamentals 139 Assumptions 139 Information Is Power 142 Disclosure Establishes Trust 143 Overly Competitive = Lose-Lose 144 Trading Value--Concessions 145 Creative Thinking 148 Understanding Negotiation Fundamentals Summary 153 9 Creating Range and Alternatives 155 Wish 156 Starting Point 157 Who Names the Number First? 158 Bottom Line 159 BATNA--Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement 160 WATNA--Worst Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement 161 Creating Range and Alternatives Summary 162 10 Concretizing "Why," "What," and "How" 163 Why, What, and How 163 Concretizing Why, What, and How Summary 168 11 Preparing for Your Session 170 Uniting Your Team 177 Preparing for Your Session Summary 179 12 Discovering All Sides 181 Discovery Phase 181 Skills for Use in Discovery 185 Discovery Phase Summary 203 13 Checking In Before Moving On 205 Check-in Phase 205 Check In Before Moving On Summary 207 14 Trading for Mutual Gain 209 Trade Phase 209 Trading for Mutual Gain Summary 215 15 Evaluating for Improvement 217 Evaluate Phase 217 Evaluating for Improvement Summary 219 16 Disposing of Tactics 221 Exposing Tactics 221 The Use of Tactics 222 Disposing of Tactics Summary 240 17 Practicing for Life 242 Appendix 243 Index 249
HauptbeschreibungHow to execute win-win negotiations every time, in business and in life Negotiating Success provides expert guidance on how to improve strategies and outcomes in negotiating anything in professional and personal life. With a constant focus on the mind, body, and spirit of the professional negotiator, this easy-to- ready text brings a holistic approach to the hard and soft skills needed for ethical negotiations. The result is a better understanding of how to negotiate successfully for mutual benefit by all parties. * Offers tips and tools, such as how to use positive psychology to unite your team, emotional intelligence for successful negotiation, and how to minimize conflict * Spells out the six principles of ethical influence * Written by Jim Hornickel, the founder of Bold New Directions, a transformational learning organization that provides training, coaching, retreats, and keynotes across the world, specializing in negotiation, leadership, communication, presentation, and corporate training Negotiating Success delivers an unparalleled blend of practical and explicit steps to take to achieve win-win negotiations, every time.
Breite15.4 cm

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