Growing Pains. Building Sustainably Successful Organizations - Eric G. Flamholtz  [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Growing Pains. Building Sustainably Successful Organizations - Eric G. Flamholtz [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139781118916407
Höhe24.3 cm
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
InhaltsverzeichnisPreface vii Acknowledgments xiii PART I A Framework for Developing Successful Organizations 1 CHAPTER 1 Transitions Required to Build Sustainably Successful Organizations(r) 5 CHAPTER 2 Building Sustainably Successful Organizations(r): The Pyramid of Organizational Development 25 CHAPTER 3 Identifying and Surviving the First Four Stages of Organizational Growth 47 CHAPTER 4 Managing the Advanced Stages of Growth 71 CHAPTER 5 Recognizing Growing Pains and Assessing the Need for Change 93 PART II Mastering the Tools for Building Sustainably Successful Organizations(r) 113 CHAPTER 6 Strategic Planning 117 CHAPTER 7 Organizational Structure 159 CHAPTER 8 Organizational Control and Performance Management Systems 185 CHAPTER 9 Management and Leadership Development 215 CHAPTER 10 Corporate Culture Management 243 PART III Special Aspects of Organizational Transitions in Growing and Changing Enterprises 275 CHAPTER 11 Building Sustainably Successful Nonprofits 277 CHAPTER 12 The Challenge of Leadership Throughout the Organizational Life Cycle 305 CHAPTER 13 Building Sustainably Successful Organizations(r): The Frameworks, Tools, and Methods in Action 331 About the Authors 363 Index 365
HauptbeschreibungAn insightful and practical toolkit for managing organizational growth Growing Pains is the definitive guide to the life cycle of an organization, and the optimization strategies that make the organization stronger. Whether growth is rapid, slow, or not occurring at all, this book provides a host of solid tools and recommendations for putting everything in order. Now in its fifth edition, this invaluable guide has been fully updated to reflect the current economic climate, and includes new case studies and chapters discussing nonprofit life cycle tools, leadership challenges and the "leadership molecule", and real-world applications of the frameworks presented. The latest empirical research is presented in the context of these ideas, including new data on strategic organizational development. Mini-cases that illustrate growth management issues have been added throughout, with additional coverage of international entrepreneurship and companies that provide a frame of reference for the perspective being developed. Growing pains are normal, and a valuable indicator of organizational health, but they indicate the need for new systems, processes, and structure to support the organization's size. This book provides a practical framework for managing the process, applicable to organizations of all sizes. * Understand the key stages of growth and the challenges of each * Measure your organization's growing pains and development * Deploy new tools that facilitate positive organizational development * Make the necessary transitions required to ensure sustainable success Some companies, even after brilliant beginnings, lose their way as growth throws them for a loop. Growing Pains identifies the underlying factors that promote long term success, and gives you a framework for successfully managing the transitions of growth.
Breite19 cm
AutorEric G. Flamholtz
Erscheinungsdatum 2016

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