The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry [Gebundene Ausgabe]

The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139781405133876
Höhe26.2 cm
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum 2008
InhaltsverzeichnisAbout the Contributors. Figures and Tables. Preface. Introduction. Part I: The Structure of the Industry. 1. The Studio System and Conglomerate Hollywood. Tom Schatz. 2. Finance and Production: Creating the Film Commodity. Janet Wasko. 3. Distribution and Marketing in Contemporary Hollywood. Philip Drake. 4. Theatrical Exhibition: Accelerated Cinema. Charles Acland. 5. Ancillary Markets - Television: From Challenge to Safe Haven. Eileen R. Meehan. 6. Ancillary Markets -- Video and DVD: Hollywood Retools. Frederick Wasser. 7. Ancillary Markets -- Video Games: Promises and Challenges of an Emerging Industry. Randy Nichols. 8. Ancillary Markets - Recorded Music: Charting the Rise and Fall of the Soundtrack. Jeff Smith. Part II: Industry Dynamics. 9. Hollywood Labor Relations: The Effects of Media Concentration on the Film and Television Workforce. Susan Christopherson. 10. The Star System: Producing Hollywood Stardom in the Post-Studio Era. Paul McDonald. 11. Hollywood and the State: The American Film Industry Cartel in the Age of Globalization. Manjunath Pendakur. 12. Hollywood and Intellectual Property. Ronald V. Bettig. Part III: International Territories. 13. Hollywood and the World: Export or Die. John Trumpbour. 14. Britain: Hollywood UK. Paul McDonald. 15. France: A Story of Love and Hate. Joel Augros. 16. Germany: A Very Special Relationship. Peter Kramer. 17. Italy: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Market. Krishna P. Jayakar and David Waterman. 18. Latin America: How Mexico and Argentina Cope and Cooperate with the Behemoth of the North. Tamara L. Falicov. 19. East Asia: For Better of Worse. John A. Lent. 20. India: Hollywood's Domination, Extinction and Re-animation (with thanks to Jurassic Park). Nitin Govil. 21. Australia and New Zealand: Expats in Hollywood and Hollywood South. David Newman. Index
HauptbeschreibungThe contemporary Hollywood film industry is characterized by continuity and change. While many well-established Hollywood studios continue to dominate the film business, the industry also has witnessed various changes during the past two decades. The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry is a collection of essays by leading scholars that examine the U.S. film industry as an international phenomenon, from the l980s to present day. It explores a host of challenges and changes facing Hollywood, and includes important discussions of the industry's labor and star systems, as well as intellectual property and state relations. Essays consider the role of independent producers, the global marketplace for Hollywood product, corporate changes, and various new media windows, including video, DVD to cable, satellite, and online channels of delivery. Offering a balanced, fresh, and international approach to the important contemporary period in Hollywood, this text is designed specifically for classroom use in undergraduate and graduate level film courses. Contributors include: Paul McDonald, Janet Wasko, Tom Schatz, Philip Drake, Charles Acland, Eileen R. Meehan, Frederick Wasser, Randy Nichols, Jeff Smith, Susan Christopherson, Manjunath Pendakur, Ronald V. Bettig, John Trumpbour, Joel Augros, Peter Kramer, Krishna P. Jayakar, David Waterman, Tamara L. Falicov, John A. Lent, Nitin Govil, and David Newman.
Breite17.8 cm

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