Process Plant Construction. A Handbook for Quality Management - Patrick Noble  [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Process Plant Construction. A Handbook for Quality Management - Patrick Noble [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139781405187251
Höhe25.2 cm
AutorPatrick Noble
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum 2009
InhaltsverzeichnisPREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. INTRODUCTION. CHAPTER 1. AN OVERVIEW. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Materials, Equipment, Materiel & Works. 1.3 Interested Parties. 1.4 Project Strategy. 1.5 Contractual Environment. CHAPTER 2. ISO 9000. 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Quality Assurance. 2.3 Difficulties Met. 2.4 The Rationale for Formal Quality Management Systems. 2.5 Certification of a Quality Management System. 2.6 Quality / Occupational Health & Safety / Environment. CHAPTER 3. ON-SITE RESPONSIBILITIES & INTERFACES. 3.1 Introduction. 3.2 The Owner. 3.3 The EPCM Contractor. 3.4 Construction Contractors. 3.5 Suppliers' Representatives. 3.6 Special Service Providers. 3.7 Utility Companies. 3.8 The Insurer. 3.9 Authorities. 3.10 The Architect. 3.11 Plant Extensions & Modifications. 3.12 Small Construction Sites. CHAPTER 4. THE EPCM CONTRACTOR. 4.1 Introduction. 4.2 The Corporate Quality Manual. 4.3 Creating the Site Quality Plan. 4.4 The Organization Chart. 4.5 The Site Director. 4.6 The Site Quality Assurance Manager. 4.7 Responsibilities for Quality Control. CASE STUDY. CHAPTER 5. CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS. 5.1 Introduction. 5.2 Selecting the Construction Contractors. 5.3 The Initial Site Meeting with Each Construction Contractor. 5.4 Site Quality Plan. 5.5 Inspection & Test Plan. 5.6 Procedures & Method Statements. 5.7 Inspection & Test Records. 5.8 Construction Quality File. 5.9 Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment. CASE STUDY. CHAPTER 6. CONSTRUCTION / ENGINEERING INTERFACE. 6.1 Introduction. 6.2 Types & Origins of Engineering Documents. 6.3 EPCM Contractor Specifications & Drawings. 6.4 Suppliers' Documentation. 6.5 Construction Contractors' Specifications & Drawings. 6.6 Engineering Standards & Codes of Practice. 6.7 Document Control. 6.8 Engineering Site Queries. 6.9 "As-Built" Drawings. 6.10 Information Technology Infrastructure. CASE STUDY. CHAPTER 7. MATERIAL MANAGEMENT. 7.1 Sources of Materiel. 7.2 Purchase Orders. 7.3 Materiel Storage Facilities. 7.4 Materiel Control Procedure. 7.5 Incoming Inspection, Ongoing Inspection & Maintenance. 7.6 Traceability. 7.7 Spare Parts. CASE STUDY. CHAPTER 8. NONCONFORMITIES. 8.1 What Are Nonconformities and How Do We Manage Them?. 8.2 Resolution. 8.3 Model Procedure. 8.4 Few or Many Nonconformity Reports. CASE STUDY. . CHAPTER 9. QUALITY AUDITS. 9.1 Introduction. 9.2 Guidelines for Auditing, Including a Model Procedure. 9.3 Typical Audit Questions. CASE STUDY. CHAPTER 10. MANAGEMENT REVIEWS & COMPLETION REPORT. 10.1 Introduction. 10.2 Management Reviews on Site during Construction. 10.3 Construction Completion Report. . CHAPTER 11. CONSTRUCTION COMPLETION & TURNOVER. 11.1 Activity Phases on Site. 11.2 Contractual Milestones. 11.3 Responsibilities of Parties Present. 11.4 Construction Completion Procedure. 11.5 Procedure for Turnover to the Owner. 11.6 Construction Completion & Turnover by Functional Systems. 11.7 Conclusions. CASE STUDY. APPENDIX A. CIVIL WORKS & BUILDINGS. APPENDIX B. MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT. APPENDIX C. HEATING, VENTILATION & AIR CONDITIONING. APPENDIX D. WELDING. APPENDIX E. STRUCTURAL STEELWORK. APPENDIX F. PIPING. APPENDIX G. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS. APPENDIX H. INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL. APPENDIX I. PAINTING. APPENDIX J. THERMAL INSULATION. . INDEX
Hauptbeschreibung* kombiniert Projektbauleitung mit Qualitätsmanagement * bietet praktische Lösungen für Bauingenieure im Anlagenbau * stützt sich auf die Erfahrung des Verfassers und auf sein Verständnis für gängige Probleme * Website mit Formularen für ModellverfahrenThis handbook introduces engineers, project and construction managers, and senior technicians to a methodology for the management of quality on a process plant construction site. The eleven chapters of the handbook define the roles and appellations of the parties involved in a project as well as outlining the fundamental strategic and contractual orientations to be decided. The ISO 9000 series of standards are examined within the context of the process plant construction site. A study is then made of the roles of the organizations involved and of the interfaces between them. Special attention is given to document and materiel control, followed by a review of the various monitoring and feedback systems to keep the project on track moving towards the ultimate goal of satisfactory construction completion leading to turnover. Model procedures are proposed, complete with forms attached, and a number of case studies are presented to illustrate the practical application of the principles presented. Process Plant Construction: a handbook for quality management is completed by appendices covering Civil Works & Buildings, Mechanical Equipment, HVAC, Welding, Structural Steelwork, Piping, Electrical Installation, Instrumentation & Control, Painting, and Thermal Insulation. Each appendix, aimed at the non-specialist, presents briefly for the discipline concerned the nature of the works likely to be met on site, evokes the parties involved and highlights quality issues to be addressed. Typical inspection and test programs are outlined.
Breite17.7 cm

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