Technology Transfer in a Global Economy [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Technology Transfer in a Global Economy [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139781461461012
Höhe23.5 cm
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberSpringer US
Erscheinungsdatum 2012
InhaltsverzeichnisIntroduction.- Forget R&D - pay my coach: young innovative companies and their relations with universities.- The Role of Research Orientation for Attracting Competitive Research Funding.- The cooperative strategy of technology transfer offices: A longitudinal study.- Academic Entrepreneurship in a Resource Constrained Environment: Diversification and Synergistic Effects.- Introducing the University of Applied Science in the Technology Transfer Process.- The role of University of Central Florida in Regional Economic Development.- The impact of technological acquisitions on innovation and quality.- Is it worth all this trouble? An assessment of the economic value of firm patent applications with shared intellectual property rights in the biotechnology industry.- External technology supply and client-side innovation.- The Enrolment in an R&D subsidy program for SME's -- evidence from South-West Germany.- Productivity gaps among European regions.- The effect of regional characteristics on the relationship between university resources and knowledge-based startup's performance.- Learning from Failure - Case Insights into a UK-India Technology Transfer Project.- The Emerging Properties of Business Models: A Systemic Approach.- Technology Transfer in the Global Automotive Value Chain: Lessons from the Turkish Automotive Industry.- Investigating the lateral migration of technology in a resource based economy: conceptual and methodological issues from a study of the Australian mining sector.- The Demand Readiness Level scale as new proposed tool to hybridize Market Pull with Technology Push approaches in Technology Transfer Practices.- Fraunhofer's Discover Markets - fostering technology transfer by integrating the layperson's perspective.- The impact of Collaborative Tools and Practices in Technology Transfer Process.
HauptbeschreibungTechnology transfer—the process of sharing and disseminating knowledge, skills, scientific discoveries, production methods, and other innovations among universities, government agencies, private firms, and other institutions—is one of the major challenges of societies operating in the global economy.  This volume offers state-of-the-art insights on the dynamics of technology transfer, emerging from the annual meeting of the Technology Transfer Society in 2011 in Augsburg, Germany.  It showcases theoretical and empirical analyses from participants across the technology transfer spectrum, representing academic, educational, policymaking, and commercial perspectives.  The volume features case studies of industries and institutions in Europe, the United States, and Australasia, explored through a variety of methodological approaches, and providing unique contributions to our understanding of how and why technology transfer is shaped and affected by different institutional settings, with implications for policy and business decision making.
Breite15.5 cm

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