Hydrogen and Syngas Production and Purification Technologies - Velu Subramani  [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Hydrogen and Syngas Production and Purification Technologies - Velu Subramani [Gebundene Ausgabe]

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EAN / ISBN-139780471719755
Höhe24 cm
AutorVelu Subramani
ProduktformGebundene Ausgabe
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum 2010
InhaltsverzeichnisPreface. Contributors. 1. Introduction to Hydrogen and Syngas Production and Purification Technologies (Chunshan Song). 1.1 Importance of Hydrogen and Syngas Production. 1.2 Principles of Syngas and Hydrogen Production. 1.3 Options for Hydrogen and Syngas Production. 1.4 Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells. 1.5 Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells. 1.6 Sulfur Removal. 1.7 CO2 Capture and Separation. 1.8 Scope of the Book. Acknowledgments. References. 2. Catalytic Steam Reforming Technology for the Production of Hydrogen and Syngas (Velu Subramani, Pradeepkumar Sharma, Lingzhi Zhang, and Ke Liu). 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Steam Reforming of Light Hydrocarbons. 2.3 Steam Reforming of Liquid Hydrocarbons. 2.4 Steam Reforming of Alcohols. 2.5 Carbon Formation and Catalyst Deactivation. 2.6 Recent Developments in Reforming Technologies. References. 3. Catalytic Partial Oxidation and Autothermal Reforming (Ke Liu, Gregg D. Deluga, Anders Bitsch-Larsen, Lanny D. Schmidt, and Lingzhi Zhang). 3.1 Introduction. 3.2 Natural Gas Reforming Technologies: Fundamental Chemistry. 3.3 Development/Commercialization Status of ATR, POX, and CPO Reformers. 3.4 CPO Catalysts. 3.5 CPO Mechanism and Kinetics. 3.6 Start-Up and Shutdown Procedure of CPO. 3.7 CPO of Renewable Fuels. 3.8 Summary. Acknowledgments. References. 4. Coal Gasification (Ke Liu, Zhe Cui, and Thomas H. Fletcher). 4.1 Introduction to Gasification. 4.2 Coal Gasifi cation History. 4.3 Coal Gasification Chemistry. 4.4 Gasification Thermodynamics. 4.5 Gasifi cation Kinetics. Reaction. 4.6 Classification of Different Gasifiers. 4.7 GE (Texaco) Gasification Technology with CWS Feeding. 4.8 Shell Gasification Technology with Dry Feeding. 4.9 Other Gasification Technologies. 4.10 Challenges in Gasification Technology: Some Examples. 4.11 Syngas Cleanup. 4.12 Integration of Coal Gasifi cation with Coal Polygeneration Systems. References. 5. Desulfurization Technologies (Chunshan Song and Xiaoliang Ma). 5.1 Challenges in Deep Desulfurization for Hydrocarbon Fuel Processing and Fuel Cell Applications. 5.2 HDS Technology. 5.3 Adsorptive Desulfurization. 5.4 Post-Reformer Desulfurization: H2S Sorption. 5.5 Desulfurization of Coal Gasification Gas. 5.6 ODS. 5.7 Summary. References. 6. Water-Gas Shift Technologies (Alex Platon and Yong Wang). 6.1 Introduction. 6.2 Thermodynamic Considerations. 6.3 Industrial Processes and Catalysts. 6.4 Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics. 6.5 Catalyst Improvements and New Classes of Catalysts. References. 7. Removal of Trace Contaminants from Fuel Processing Reformate: Preferential Oxidation (Prox) (Marco J. Castaldi). 7.1 Introduction. 7.2 Reactions of Prox. 7.3 General Prox Reactor Performance. 7.4 Catalysts Formulations. 7.5 Reactor Geometries. 7.6 Commercial Units. Acknowledgments. References. 8. Hydrogen Membrane Technologies and Application in Fuel Processing (David Edlund). 8.1 Introduction. 8.2 Fundamentals of Membrane-Based Separations. 8.3 Membrane Purifi cation for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Applications. 8.4 Membrane Modules for Hydrogen Separation and Purification. 8.5 Dense Metal Membranes. 8.6 Integration of Reforming and Membrane-Based Purification. 8.7 Commercialization Activities. References. 9. CO2-Selective Membranes for Hydrogen Fuel Processing (Jin Huang, Jian Zou, and W.S. Winston Ho). 9.1 Introduction. 9.2 Synthesis of Novel CO2-Selective Membranes. 9.3 Model Description. 9.4 Results and Discussion. 9.5 Conclusions. Glossary. Acknowledgments. References. 10. Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Hydrogen Production (Shivaji Sircar and Timothy C. Golden). 10.1 Introduction. 10.2 PSA Processes for Hydrogen Purification. 10.3 Adsorbents for Hydrogen PSA Processes. 10.4 Future Trends for Hydrogen PSA. 10.5 PSA Process Reliability. 10.6 Improved Hydrogen Recovery by PSA Processes. 10.7 Engineering Process Design. 10.8 Summary. References. 11. Integration of H2/Syngas Production Technologies with Future Energy Systems (Wei Wei, Parag Kulkarni, and Ke Liu). 11.1 Overview of Future Energy Systems and Challenges. 11.2 Application of Reforming-Based Syngas Technology. 11.3 Application of Gasifi cation-Based Syngas Technology. 11.4 Application of H2/Syngas Generation Technology to Liquid Fuels. 11.5 Summary. References. 12. Coal and Syngas to Liquids (Ke Liu, Zhe Cui, Wei Chen, and Lingzhi Zhang). 12.1 Overview and History of Coal to Liquids (CTL). 12.2 Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCTL). 12.3 Indirect Coal to Liquid (ICTL). 12.4 Mobil Methanol to Gasoline (MTG). 12.5 SMDS. 12.6 Hybrid Coal Liquefaction. 12.7 Coal to Methanol. 12.8 Coal to Dimethyl Ether (DME). References. Index.
Hauptbeschreibung* Covers the timely topic of fuel cells and hydrogen-based energy from its fundamentals to practical applications * Serves as a resource for practicing researchers and as a text in graduate-level programs * Tackles crucial aspects in light of the new directions in the energy industry, in particular how to integrate fuel processing into contemporary systems like nuclear and gas power plants * Includes homework-style problems
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