The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success - Lon Safko

The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success - Lon Safko

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EAN / ISBN-139780470411551
Höhe23.7 cm
AutorLon SafkoDavid K. Brake
ProduktformTaschenbuch / broschiert
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum 20.05.2009
InhaltsverzeichnisINTRODUCTION. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. PART I: Background Basics and Tactics. CHAPTER 1 What Is Social Media? CHAPTER 2 The Social Media Ecosystem. CHAPTER 3 Say Hello to Social Networking. CHAPTER 4 Everyone's a Publisher. CHAPTER 5 It's Not Your Father's E-Mail. CHAPTER 6 The World of Web Pages. CHAPTER 7 The Internet Forum. CHAPTER 8 The Ubiquitous Blog. CHAPTER 9 The Wisdom of the Wiki. CHAPTER 10 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (Photo Sharing). CHAPTER 11 Talking About the Podcast (Audio Create). CHAPTER 12 Got Audio? (Audio Sharing). CHAPTER 13 Watch Out for Vlogs (Video Create). CHAPTER 14 Got Video (Video Sharing). CHAPTER 15 Thumbs Up for Microblogging. CHAPTER 16 Live from Anywhere--It's Livecasting. CHAPTER 17 Virtual Worlds--Real Impact. CHAPTER 18 Gaming the System: Virtual Gaming. CHAPTER 19 RSS--Really Simple Syndication Made Simple. CHAPTER 20 Spotlight on Search (Search Engine Optimization). CHAPTER 21 Marketing Yourself (Search Engine Marketing). CHAPTER 22 The Formidable Fourth Screen (Mobile). CHAPTER 23 Let the Conversation Begin (Interpersonal). PART II: Tools. CHAPTER 24 Social Networks. CHAPTER 25 Publish. CHAPTER 26 Photo. CHAPTER 27 Audio. CHAPTER 28 Video. CHAPTER 29 Microblogging. CHAPTER 30 Livecasting. CHAPTER 31 Virtual Worlds. CHAPTER 32 Gaming. CHAPTER 33 Productivity Applications. CHAPTER 34 Aggregators. CHAPTER 35 RSS. CHAPTER 36 Search. CHAPTER 37 Mobile. CHAPTER 38 Interpersonal. PART III: Strategy. CHAPTER 39 The Four Pillars of Social Media Strategy. CHAPTER 40 Your Social Media SWOT Analysis. CHAPTER 41 The ACCESS Model. CHAPTER 42 Evaluate and Organize Existing Resources. CHAPTER 43 Your Implementation Plan. BIOGRAPHIES OF OUR EXPERTS. INDEX.
HauptbeschreibungThe ultimate comprehensive social media reference book for any business looking to transform its marketing and operational strategies Realizing that social media is dramatically impacting businesses, customers, and everyone connected to them, the authors of The Social Media Bible have consulted with leading social media experts from companies and consulting firms, as well as New York Times bestselling authors nationwide, to assemble a content-rich social media bible that will help businesses increase revenues, improve profitability, and ensure relevance and competitiveness. The book outlines just what social media is, and how to harness its power to achieve a measurable competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets. It allows readers to build a functional knowledge base, and tap into the collaborative power of such social media applications as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, and YouTube. The book is part reference, part how-to manual, and part business strategy. For corporate enterprises, small businesses, and nonprofits alike, the strategies in The Social Media Bible are practical, powerful, and effective ways to connect with customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders, and collaborators. Packed with contributions from top names in the field covering virtually every major topic in social media, this is the perfect social media resource for businesses big and small. Lon Safko (Gilbert, AZ) is an innovator and professional speaker with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, strategic partnering, speaking, training, writing, and e-commerce. He is the founder of eight successful companies, including Paper Models, Inc. David K. Brake (Mesa, AZ) is the CEO and founder of Content Connections, a company that uses social networking strategies to help clients build economically viable relationships around their content.
Breite19.1 cm

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