Social Media Metrics For Dummies by Lamar, Michelle ( Author ) ON Jun-12-2012, Paperback - Lamar, Michelle

Social Media Metrics For Dummies by Lamar, Michelle ( Author ) ON Jun-12-2012, Paperback - Lamar, Michelle

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EAN / ISBN-139781118027752
Höhe22.9 cm
AutorLeslie Poston
ProduktformTaschenbuch / broschiert
HerausgeberJohn Wiley & Sons
Erscheinungsdatum 2012
InhaltsverzeichnisIntroduction 1 Part I: Metrics? What the Heck Is That? 7 Chapter 1: Social Metrics Aren't Scary; They Just Measure Value 9 Chapter 2: Sorting It All Out 19 Chapter 3: A Tour of a Few Free or Freemium Analytics Solutions 35 Chapter 4: Measuring Everything 51 Part II: Navigating the Measurement Jungle 63 Chapter 5: The Six Stages of Metrics Grief: Turning Chaotic Information into a Business Advantage 65 Chapter 6: Maximizing Listening 75 Chapter 7: Creating Content for Conversion 89 Part III: Putting Your Metrics on Steroids 99 Chapter 8: Becoming a Metrics Guru 101 Chapter 9: Taking Metrics Off the Reservation 113 Chapter 10: Making Your Investment Accountable and COUNTable 125 Part IV: Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Living, Breathing Metrics 139 Chapter 11: Avoiding Metrics Bankruptcy: Simple Steps to Avoid Common Metrics Mistakes 141 Chapter 12: Making Metrics Work for Your Brand 153 Chapter 13: Using Branded Metrics for Business Success 165 Part V: Taking the Deep Dive into Advanced Metrics 175 Chapter 14: Mastering Metrics Moves 177 Chapter 15: Making Your Calls-to-Action Work for You 189 Chapter 16: Setting Goals for Winning the Metrics Game 203 Part VI: Predicting Future Metrics 219 Chapter 17: Measuring Mobile App Metrics 221 Chapter 18: Exploring Cutting-Edge Metrics Ideas 231 Chapter 19: Seeing into the Metrics Future 241 Part VII: The Part of Tens 247 Chapter 20: Ten Cool Ways to Use Metrics 249 Chapter 21: Ten Useful Metrics Services 265 Chapter 22: Ten Metrics Tools 275 Index 289
HauptbeschreibungDiscover how to gauge your online success based on social media metrics With so many social media monitoring and measurement tools available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which tool is right for you when it comes to calculating the success of your social media marketing efforts. This fun and friendly guide helps you determine which tool will serve you best for understanding your online audience. You'll learn to sift through all the information available about social media monitoring and metrics so that you can listen to what is being said about your business, read your analytic dashboard, understand what metrics mean for you, calculate your return on investment (ROI), and apply your findings to future social media marketing campaigns. * Helps you wade through the plethora of social media monitoring and metrics to discover what elements are most applicable to your needs * Explains the meaning behind the social media metrics tools so that you can understand how to make those results work for you * Shares examples of how to calculate both the financial and non-financial return on investment of your social media efforts * Includes real-world case studies that demonstrate how small and large businesses are using social media metrics With this helpful book by your side, you will learn how to understand the information you acquire regarding your social media marketing efforts and then put that information to work for your business.
Breite18.7 cm

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